NPS Shoes are delighted to announce their most recent collaboration under their brand name Solovair with the luxury Danish lifestyle brand Wood Wood. 

The collection incorporates Solovair's classic Gibson Shoe with the embodiment of Wood Woods style. 

The Gibson Shoe (also known as the Derby Shoe) became popular in the early Victorian era. The classic Derby Boot was worn for hunting and sports but the upper classes required a shoe version to wear with their country attire. The Gibson Shoe was produced and offered a more relaxed style and fit to other, more traditional styles.

Founded in 2002, Wood Wood was established by Karl-Oskar Olsen and Brian SS Jensen offering contemporary streetwear and lifestyle products with a strong skating and graffiti influence. Today they have stores across Europe and have collaboration with over 50 global brands. 

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Photography: @andreasbachh
Still life: @emeryemilyy
Styling: @sorenkolborg
Hair and makeup: @kasperandersenhair
Talent: @tristanseholt @mizziemaz @leosejersen6