• Oxblood Hi-Shine 11 Eye Derby Boot
  • Oxblood Hi-Shine 11 Eye Derby Boot
  • Oxblood Hi-Shine 11 Eye Derby Boot

Oxblood Hi-Shine 11 Eye Derby Boot

Solovair Classic
Solovair Classic Collection
  • Leather Upper
  • Leather & Synthetic Lining
  • Soft Suspension Classic Sole
  • Goodyear Welted
  • Last: 409
  • £180.00
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Oxblood Hi-Shine 11 Eye Derby Boot

Customer Reviews

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11 Hole Oxblood Derby Fantastic boots!

Having only just found Solovair I’m hooked they take little or no breaking in. My 1st boots were greasy monkey boots as I couldn’t live with the monkey boots branded church by another brand as they were breaking me in not the other way around. What can I say about the high Oxblood 11 hole Derby everything about them is crafted and at £30 more than the South East Asian 8 hole boots from the other company, a complete bargain

Excellent quality, very proud with my purchase

I discovered Solovair through the YouTube channels Rose Anvil and DevonReviewer who compared their Derby boots with those of a certain famous competitor, and so far after a couple weeks of having them, I've got to say they live up to the hype.
They're already more comfortable than the competitor's boots that I've had for a couple months now, with the break-in being noticeably easier than the competitor's 8-eye boots, and the leather itself feels much better than the other brand's, with a nicer finish too.
I'm a size 13 in the competitor's boots thanks to me having a wide foot, and these size 13 Solovairs fit better in my opinion, they feel like a wider fit.
If you're weighing your options between getting a pair of Solovairs and a pair of the competitor's, I'd recommend saving your money for just a little longer to get a pair of Solovairs.

11 eye Derby Boot by d-bone

Excellent service, very quick, awesome boot, best I've EVER bought!

Iconic boots

Many thanks Solovair for continuing to make this iconic boot, and for keeping it truly made in England. I was born in the 60s and grew up with these boots, I have owned many pairs of these boots and shoes over my lifetime, mostly made by NPS Solovair but sold under a different label. The Solovair derby boot of today is to me the closest thing to the boots of my youth. The quality has been kept high when other brands have slipped.
The detailed sizing chart was a massive help when choosing the correct size. It is great that these come in a UK 11.5, so few boots and shoes come in half sizes this big, a perfect fit for me. They look and feel fantastic and will only improve with age.
All I need to do now is break them in and add some yellow laces.

Pleasure to walk in these bad boys! Genuinely takes me back nostalgically....

My review of the 11 hole Hi Shine Oxblood boots:-
Excellent boots. You just won’t find quality in a boot on the High Street like this. These have a hand made, craftsman feel to them. Retro-quality and made in England awesomeness!
They are thick leather and will require some breaking in-I got a couple of blister/flesh wounds from the process....but nothing I’ll be crying about and it is part of the boot shaping to your feet and becoming uniquely yours.
I recently switched to Solovair from a similar better known brand-but the durability, thickness of leather, quality of sole etc has won me over. This is next level and the hype of the internet nerds about Solovair seems warranted to me so far. A premium boot, locally crafted.